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Alex is a content creator specializing in videography and photography. They have a large following on Instagram and Youtube and want to showcase their selfies and photos in a unique way to captivate their followers.

Kasey struggles to find gifts for her husband. She wanted to tell him she loves him in a way she never has before. He is a stoic man that wants nothing and has everything, which made it difficult to choose a gift for him. She also has 2 children and 2 dogs she loves taking pictures of.

Lucy was the bridesmaid for Kim’s wedding. She’s helped throw together an unforgettable wedding and wants to deliver something special for the newlyweds as a gift. The photographer did a nice job, but Lucy wants to take it over the top for her best friend Kim.

Jamie works as a personal assistant. They are responsible for overseeing their company’s awards as the corporate event organizer. Their company recently found success and wants to celebrate the executives and employees that helped make it all possible. Jamie wanted to impress their boss by putting together a brilliant and captivating award ceremony that will WOW their superiors.

What do Alex, Kasey, Lucy, and Jamie all have in common? They all needed something amazing to display that pays tribute to special moments and accomplishments in a brilliant and captivating way. 

They discovered Pix Crystal. 

Pix Crystal offered an amazing way for them showcase their photos in a unique way.

After they used the fun 3 step ordering process on, they were impressed by how quickly their personalized crystal showed up at their doorstep, and were absolutely blown away with the results. 

“Words cannot describe these crystals. Pictures do not do them justice.”

Alex customized an awesome crystal that highlights their content in a unique way that really captivated their audience.

Kasey and her husband were amazed when they saw the Pix Crystal engraved with a 3D photo of the two of them at the altar from their wedding. They will cherish it a lifetime. Kasey wants to start a collection of crystallized moments of her children and dogs to display.

Lucy delivered a spectacular gift for Kim and all her closest friends. She received a bulk event discount and got a great deal on a small collection of crystals to deliver to their closest friends to remember the fun time they all had at the wedding.

Jamie presented the crystal awards to 10 executive employees, The crystals were all customized with their individual names and achievements. The awards were the talk of the whole ceremony, and Jamie, being the savvy shopper they are, received a bulk corporate discount off the entire order.

This is Pix Crystal. We deliver 100% personalized 3D crystals engraved with your photos. Our goal is to serve our customers with the best possible crystal engraving service offering unique customer benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

“Pix Crystal is modern, friendly, unique, sophisticated, professional, captivating, and amazing.”

What will your next Pix Crystal be?