About Pix Crystal

What exactly is Pix Crystal?

Upload any image, #PixCrystal makes it 3D and engraves it in a crystal using lasers!

Pix Crystal is the premier choice of 3D Crystal Photo Engraving online. 

We were founded with a Customer First mindset to give our customers an amazing experience when designing their crystal. You aren't just buying a gift, you are putting precious time into personalizing a unique gift for someone special. We get that, and want to give you an amazing experience from start to finish. Pix Crystals are perfect as gifts and are delivered inside a velvet gift box to make any occasion special, and are also perfect to collect and display to express yourself.

Every Pix Crystal is different

Each crystal is unique, because every crystal is customized by our amazing people like you. Pix Crystals are an incredible combination of technology and art, and are a great way for anyone to make important moments last a lifetime. It's time to get creative.

Because each crystal is unique collecting them and displaying them is a great way to showcase one’s life accomplishments, memories, and loved ones!

Pix Crystals are perfect for your family photos, selfies, friends, birthdays gifts, wedding gifts, anniversaries, pets, awards, and will make any other occasion amazing with a personalized touch.

What will your next Pix Crystal moment be?